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Research and development

Our veterinary diagnostic laboratory was established in 2003 to assure professional support to the veterinaries in Hungary. We provide a complete testing service for veterinary surgeons from microbiology, haematology, and allergy  to serology and PCR for small (mainly dogs and cats) and big animals (cattles and pigs) as well.


During the last couple of years, in accordance with the demand, we constantly widened our possibilities of medical examinations. Due to our everday diagnostic work, we regularly meet interesting cases that provide exciting research subjects. Therefore, we started to build up or reasearch section in cooperation with the Hungarian Veterinary University in 2006. We have not only participated in developing vaccines (e.g. vaccine against pigon circovirus), but also we were able to identify some pathogens (e.g. Candida parapsilosis) first in Hungary on th veterinary field.


Our previous or running projects are as follows: 


  • Detection of Pigeon Circovirus diversity and developing a Pigeon Circovirus vaccine
  • Survey on presence of Brucella Canis in Hungary
  • Detection of new strains of Canine Parvovirus
  • Detection of new strains of Porcine Parvovirus
  • Developing a software for cell differentiation by an optical method


We are very proud of development of Pigeon Circovirus vaccine, this is our first project which is now in the phase of selling the know-how.